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Triangle New Construction

Bring your agent It’s very important to have a buyers agent experienced in new construction if you are purchasing a new home. especially if it hasn’t been started. You will need experienced guidance starting with choosing the best home site. Builder Deposits Builder deposits will vary depending on the size of the building company and […]

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Southern Village high property taxes

Triangle Property Taxes

Taxes can be an important factor in choosing a place to live. Are the taxes high in Raleigh? Are the taxes higher in Chapel Hill? What town has the lowest taxes in the Triangle? These are questions just about everyone asks as they are getting serious about buying a home in the Triangle. I think […]

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snow in the Triangle

It’s not LA~Triangle NC Weather

Average Triangle temperature 74 I was really surprised when I read an article about the climate in the Triangle Area of NC. The average daily temperature is 74 and night temps average 50. How could that be? It sounded a lot like LA to me and not central NC. It’s because of extremes. Summers are […]